Metro6 is an animated short, created by Hectic Digital, directed by Geoff Hecht, about Zak, a born privileged person whom has never taken the bus before, but is forced to take the bus one morning. By the end of the film Zak grows as a person.

The 24 second teaser is the first animated release for Metro6. A 30 second trailer, and other content we hope to share soon.

The style of Metro6 has been inspired by the work of famous artist Justin Bua and Salesman Pete directed by Marc Bouyer as well some commercial projects for the Honda Cross-Tour and Mazda CX-9.

  • Client
    Hectic Digital
  • Director
    Geoff Hecht
  • Writers
    Mahmoud Zaini, Geoff Hecht, Clayton Douglas, Benjamin Kluewer
  • Producer
    Jumanah Shaheen
  • Storyboard / Previz Artists
    Mahmoud Zaini, Victoria Lijaya, Omar Mugeem
  • Animators
    Benjamin Kluewer, Eric Digilov, Guile Ruiz, Cory Walker, Thomas de Maleingreau, Channy Imada, Holiday Liu, Grace Noh, Neil Clark, Larry Chandler
  • Modelers / Texture Artists
    Geoff Hecht, Sam Hedberg
  • Look / Feel
    Geoff Hecht, Clayton Douglas, Mahmoud Zaini
  • Sound
    Phoenix Sound