Metro6 is an 8-minute animated film exploring the different personalities one may meet in public transportation. It’s also a story about tolerance as our main character ZAK goes through a personal metamorphosis, in the end becoming more socially aware and more appreciative of the diverse community he lives in.

The community within public transportation can be like a microcosm for the entire human race. If you've ever been on a bus or a train in a major city like SF, NY, Chicago, Boston, etc you know what we mean. There are so many different people. Different in race, age, gender, sexuality, profession, and in many other ways.

A bus ride might be short, but the characters you might encounter are nonetheless representative of the diverse society we live in. That’s why everyone at Hectic agreed how funny and interesting it would be to make an animation about the adventures of riding public transportation.

  • Client
    Hectic Digital
  • Director
    Geoff Hecht
  • Writers
    Mahmoud Zaini, Geoff Hecht, Clayton Douglas, Benjamin Kluewer
  • Producer
    Jumanah Shaheen
  • Storyboard / Previz Artists
    Mahmoud Zaini, Victoria Lijaya, Omar Mugeem
  • Animators
    Benjamin Kluewer, Eric Digilov, Guile Ruiz, Cory Walker, Thomas de Maleingreau, Channy Imada, Holiday Liu, Grace Noh, Neil Clark, Larry Chandler
  • Modelers / Texture Artists
    Geoff Hecht, Sam Hedberg
  • Look / Feel
    Geoff Hecht, Clayton Douglas, Mahmoud Zaini
  • Sound
    Phoenix Sound