IMAX Suicide Squad

IMAX Suicide Squad

For Suicide Squad we were approached to create a custom IMAX countdown like never before seen. As with many projects, we were given a tight schedule of 3 weeks with a ton of creative flexibility.

We worked in tandem with our partners at OneNinth to develop a compelling concept. Our team constructed an entire 3D environment, with multiple sets, and broke free of the traditional linear camera movement to create a rollercoaster feel as the viewer, in first person POV, breaks out of the Arkham Asylum and into the city.

This new countdown features nearly nine million polygons and literally thousands of texture maps, over 20 times that of any previous countdown. Add on top of that the most diverse color palette, and fully modified fonts and numbers to match the Suicide Squad marketing campaign.

Featured on SlashFilm!

Have your 3D glasses ready??? Click HERE to see it in Anaglyph 3D!

  • Agency
  • Executive Producer
    Jason Haffley
  • Producer
    Matt Olmon
  • Creative Director
    Geoff Hecht
  • Vfx Supervisor
    Clayton Douglas
  • Technical Supervisor
    Benjamin Kluewer
  • 3D Generalist
    Sam Hedberg
  • 3D Animator
    Guillem Ruiz
  • Sound
    Sublime Sound