Cisco Security Trust

Cisco Security Trust

Hectic Digital was contracted by Invision Communications to create an animation for CISCO Security, a CISCO product technology.

This animation will play on CISCO Security's website, and is intended to educate viewers and clients on what CISCO Security is.

This was a full 3D rendered animation with semi-realistic environments.

  • Agency
    Invision Communications
  • Creative Director
    Doug Binder
  • Producer
    Debra Faustini
  • 3D Supervisor
    Geoff Hecht
  • 3D Technical Supervisor
    Ben Kluewer
  • 3D Consultant
    Clayton Douglas
  • Production Coordinator
    Claudia Castaneda
  • Storyboards
    Mahmoud Zaini
  • Animators
    Tyler Clapp, Victoria Lijaya
  • 3D Artists
    Sam Hedberg, Omar Naranjo, Nestor Hernandez, Pablo Grache
  • Matte Painters
    Yejin Kim, Maria Yakovleva
  • Sound
    Phoenix Sound Design