On Set VFX Supervision
Our team is experienced in all the tricks of the trade, and have supervised or assisted on dozens of productions, both large and small. We use the best and most efficient methods for gathering our data, coaching you through the best ways to pull off your shots on budget, and best of all to stay out of your way and let you be creative.

Animation / Motion Graphics
Our team is well versed in both 3D and 2D Animation.

Compositing / Matte Painting
Need something added to a shot, that you didn’t film? No problem.

Concept / Look Development
We are very experienced at developing style frames, concept art, and design. We are frequently asked to provide examples of what what a project can “look” like. We use every method at our disposal, starting with basic illustration, moving to Photoshop mock-ups, concept drawings and in some cases 3D renderings. This is to make sure what you need is realized on screen before animation starts, ensuring that a project is just how you or your client wants it at every step of the way.

CG Environments
Fully Computer Generated Cities and Landscapes will bring a computer to a crawl, making it very difficult for any artist to work. We’ve developed a pipeline to deal with such issues.

Storyboarding / Previz
We are very experienced at developing storyboards. We believe that every project needs a solid foundation in order to stay on budget and maintain deadlines.

3D Modeling
While we are not models, we can sure as _____ing 3D model with the best of them! We can make 3d models from scratch, alter existing models, and are very adept at converting CADs for use in Animations or Printed materials.

Animation and Visual Effects
We use the latest and greatest gadgets, software and tools to provide the best final solution to your animation needs. We use industry standard tools for 3D and 2D animation, 3D Modelling, Compositing, Tracking , and Roto. We back all this up with a small but powerful 26 node render farm in house.
Below is a sampling of our software suites

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe CC (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier)
  • Nuke
  • PFTrack
  • Mocha