Geoff Hecht
Creative Director

Geoff grew up in San Francisco.  He studied Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz, before transferring to the world of animation. He finished classes at Academy of Art University in 2006. After nearly 3 years as Lead 3D Generalist at Pacific Digital Image, he jumped into the world of freelancing at several studios across SF: including Teak Motion Visuals, Bonfire Labs, Westernized Productions, Elastic Creative, and nTropic.  After a while, he felt ready to start a studio of his own, and joined forces with his partner Clayton to create Hectic. Geoff is a white-belt in Akido, terrible at Scrabble, yet good, however, at “bad” jokes… if that is even possible. Despite this, he has been with his wife Kimberly for over a decade. His only child is his dog “Gimli.”

Clayton Douglas
Creative Director

Clayton Douglas graduated from Academy of Art University in 2005, and promptly went to work doing architectural previs for Michael Sechman and Associates. Soon after, he began freelancing at various Bay Area VFX houses such as Matte World Digital, Giant Killer Robots, and Element FX working on films such as Invincible, Zodiac, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Rush Hour 3. Later he moved to Secret Level to work on the IronMan video Game as an FX Animator. Since then he has worked  at various advertising firms where he met Geoff Hecht, and started Hectic Digital.    In his free time he is an avid photographer, and his work can be seen at
He lives in San Francisco with his wife Stephanie, and their dog and life coach Roo.

Benjamin Kluewer
Technical Supervisor

Benjamin Kluewer hails from New York, and has lived in San Francisco for the last decade. He graduated in 2011 with an MFA in Animation and is part of the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society. He also has a degree in Physics from Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY. He is an accomplished stop-motion animator and his work can be seen on Nothing in a Rectangle is True, and 2008’s Where the Wild Things Are. He has been with Hectic Digital since the formation of our company and is an essential part of our team. His expertise and enthusiasm for making difficult tasks doable under pressure has made our company not only a great place to work, but a place to learn.